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Good and reliable equipment is very important. Here are three little things that makes us special:


Already a certified diver, but didn’t dive for a while or can’t find that little something that makes you an extraordinary diver?
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First impressions of Hollis SMS75 sidemount rig

The beast has arrived. Following are my first impressions of the new Hollis SMS75 sidemount rig and the comparison of the SMS75

First impressions of Hog sidemount rig

The first impressions of Hog sidemount rig are very positive. Super light-weight, very minimalistic and highly customizable are some of the key

Sidemount configuration video

To illustrate the whole talk about sidemount configuration in the previous post, here’s a small video for you all. Enjoy! Long story

Configuration is everything in sidemount diving

Google around for “sidemount diving” and you’ll find a lot of pictures and videos out there. In my humble opinion the results


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All our courses are tailored based on your needs like that good suit or dress you have got hanging in your wardrobe. That means the utmost personalized service.
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